Brussels Griffon FAQ

Brussels Griffon FAQ
Questions and Answers

Q. At what age does a good breeder place their Brussels Griffon puppy?
A. Reputable breeders will not place something before 12 weeks of age.

Q. Will they have some of their puppy vaccines done?
A. Yes but depending on the age they may need additional ones since the last shot is done after 16 weeks of age, then a yearly booster, or follow your vet's recommendation.

Q. Is there much grooming involved with this breed?
A. Brush your puppy atleast weekly, clear down to the skin. This will remove any dead hair in the coat. There are many quality shampoos out there for you to choose from. There is a grooming article here that you can read more on grooming them.

Q. It's hard to bathe my dog since it is fighting so hard to get out of the sink.
A. They are seeing what they can get away with. Be gentle but very firm. It will get use to the whole thing as long as you continue.

Q. Can I have my dog clipped down instead of having to strip the hair?
A. Certainly. There are people that don't want to strip a Brussels Griffon coat as we do for the show ring. These can be clippered like they do the Terrier breeds.

Q. My dog's coat is thin especially towards the back and around the tail, why is that?
A. There could be some health reasons possibly. I would recommend having a vet checkup to see what is going on.

Q. I'm not sure if I spay/neuter my dog or not?
A. Dogs should be spayed to help reduce health problems unless you are breeding the dog.

Q. I'd like to breed my Brussels Griffon that weighs 5 pounds, is it safe?
A. No it is not safe to breed such a small dog. You need to have her spayed for her own safety.

Q. At what age should I get my dog spayed/neutered?
A. I do my puppies before they leave around 3 months of age, but you really don't want to wait past 6 or 7 months.

Q. My puppies mouth is full of extra teeth, what should I do?
A. Take the puppy to your vet to have the extra teeth pulled so they don't cause any problems with tartar building up which will cause problems with them having to have their teeth cleaned more often by your vet.

Q. My dog keeps blinking it's eye rapidly, is this a problem?
A. Yes this can be most serious and warrants a trip to the vet immediately. Many a dog has had to have an eye removed because of not getting proper vet care for it ASAP.

Q. My puppy is biting at us, how should I handle that?
A. You need to make it understand that the biting is no longer acceptable. Firmly tell them no and offer them a chew toy each time they do that.

Q. My dog has a horrible coughing sound, should I be worried?
A. Yes take it to your vet. It could be kennel cough, or tonsillitis, or something even more serious that your vet needs to examine and determine what treament is needed.

Q. I'm having a problem with potty training my puppy?
A. You have to be consistent with potty training. This requires patience but is something you can do.

Q. How do you keep them confined outside as I hear they can be climbers?
A. I enclosed most of my outside area for my dogs. It's a good idea to have a large fence to keep them safe.

Q. My puppies ears are drooping but I don't want to crop them, can I still get them up?
A. If you have a small natural ear the ear will be semi-erect, but a large ear will pretty much lay fairly close to the head and your ears are not going up completely without cropping. look really cute so it's a personal decision on which way you want yours to be.

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