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Brussels Griffon are wonderful little dogs making excellent pets. I don't feel they are for the great majority of people though. They are extremely sensitive to people and I don't mean wimpy. They love their people so much that they don't do well when their people tend to yell at them all the time. I always tell people that if they are yellers than the Brussels Griffon is not the breed for them. They housetrain fairly easily if done with love and encouragement. You will find with them that they train easily by the reward system, this can be food or better yet, love and encouragement.

Brussels Griffon Brussels Griffon are clowns, one of their personality traits. If you laugh at them be prepared because they will show off even more. They think it is wonderful for their people to be happy and will do things just to make them that way. They also think laps were created just for their existence, so if you don't like a lap dog than don't get a Brussels Griffon. Their breed characteristics are a breed that has to be cuddled at the very least once a day and love to lay on your chest and look at you while you are talking to them.

So you need patience to tolerate a dog that is very energetic the 1st couple years of it's life without yelling at the dog for it to work out well. If you're not this kind of person than look for another breed. It takes a lot of love, patience and time to bring one of these dogs to it's full potential as a loving little companion, but they are worth every minute of that time and devotion to them.

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Brussels Griffon
Brussels Griffon
Brussels Griffon
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