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Brussels Griffon Characteristics:
When I met my first Griff I was infatuated, and when I realized how smart they were, but yet clownish, sensitive, and loyal, I fell in love. Some of them like everyone, but they ary known for not liking, or trusting strangers. Like many Toy Breeds they are not always good with small children, especially if the children are very active, and noisy. They do better in a calmer home, they like to be active, playful, and silly, but will also be happy laying with you to watch TV, or reading. I emphasize to anyone wanting a companion to keep it socialized by walking them, taking them on short trips around town, to pet supply stores, or anywhere they are allowed. I take mine to the places I buy flowers in the Spring, and places that have outside eating areas. I have owned and shown other breeds, and also shown for other people, but the Griffs have been the most fascinating to me and are still my big love after all these years.
Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Breeders Information:
I have shown dogs for over 30 years and have had many champions. Prior to showing dogs I helped found my counties Animal Rescue League, and volunteered for many years at our local county shelter, cleaning, feeding, watering, and taking care of all the unfortunate dogs, and puppies that came in. I also acted as the County Humane Officer for a period of time, and had to do Court cases against people for abuse, neglected pets, and farm animals. Those were very difficult times, but I got an education on how some people can truly be. Before getting married I trained and showed Tennessee Walkers, and Saddlebreds for a Congressman. Those were some of the happiest days.

I hope my site helps you with your research. You can read information here for more about the breed, a faq, standard, and grooming your new dog. You'll find lots of Brussels Griffon pictures here. Remember all breeds are different, and a Reputable Breeder will tell you the good, and bad of their breed to help you make a sound decision. The little companion you may have for 14 to 18 years, so a wise decision is very important. I love, and totally enjoy my wonderful little dogs and consider them the best, but they are not for everyone.

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Brussels Griffon Eyes:
Many people that contact me don't understand what CERFing means. Reputable Breeders CERF the eyes of Griffs they plan to breed. This is done by an Eye Specialist for dogs. The Specialist uses special eye equipment to check for any hereditary eye problems. Eye problems can be heartbreaking, expensive, very painful for the pet, and can lead to blindness. Juvenile cataracts, and Retinal Atrophy are big concerns in Griffs. Old age cataracts happen to all dogs, that is part of aging, and are totally different then juvenile cataracts. You may not think it is important that the parents of your new companion are CERF'd, but if your companion comes down with juvenile cataracts, or Retinal Atrophy you will be very sad, and it might be too late for your companion. Yes, cataracts can be removed by a dog Eye Specialist, but Retinal Atrophy is a sure blindness, and nothing can be done. If a Breeder truly cares about the puppies they are placing as pets, or show-breeding prospects they will have the parents tested. Caring about the welfare, and health of Griffs is very important to me as a Reputable Breeder. I also care about the families, and people that acquire one of mine. I want them to have a wonderful healthy, happy pet that lives well into its teens. In over 40 years of showing, and raising dogs I have always tried my best to only breed healthy, happy, correctly bred dogs that are proper to the Griff standard that also have good eyes. I have some people that have had as many as 6 Griffs from me, they have kept in wonderful contact with me through the years, and have become my friends. It makes a Reputable Breeder prideful, and happy when they know they are making someone else's life joyful by the healthy, happy companions they have produced.

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